Due to the cold Winter season, we are not able to ship our houseplant cuttings! The cuttings will be back in stock in Spring 2024!

About Us

Faces Behind the Brand

Hi everyone! We are the faces behind the Green Gemini. We are Kim (left) and Manon (right), 26-year-old twin sisters from the Netherlands. We have been collecting plants for a couple of years now, but this hobby really escalated during COVID-19. We started to get to know our plants and how to propagate them. Today we share our knowledge with the rest of the world through our Instagram, which we started in October 2020. In all enthusiasm we decided to create this webshop not even a month later!

Kim is a research technician at the Wilhelmina Child’s Hospital in Utrecht. In her free time, she loves to play hockey, play the piano, and taking care of her plants. Manon is an Anthropologist and currently doing a traineeship ‘De Toekomst van Brabant’. Besides taking care of her plants, her favourite activities are playing hockey and baking.

Our Brand & Logo

Our logo is designed by Vizual Design and displays different aspects of the brand The Green Gemini. The logo is a combination of the zodiac sign of Gemini ♊ and the two G’s of our business name. The green colour represents plants, as well as a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. The branch with leaves symbolises the purpose of our producs: (house)plants.


The propagation plates from The Green Gemini are produced at a local plastic processing company. The ‘Green’ in The Green Gemini does not only refer to green houseplants, but also to a more sustainable lifestyle. We believe that it is important to minimise our (plastic) footprint. One way to do this is to reduce plastic waste. We are aware that our propagation plates are made of plastic, however these are not for single use and can last a lifetime. Besides the plastic protective film that is attached to the propagation plates, we do not use additional plastic packaging materials. The plant cuttings are packed in the most sustainable packaging possible, namely in recycled aluminium foil and eco-friendly, plastic-free bamboo kitchen towel.