Due to the cold Winter season, we are not able to ship our houseplant cuttings! The cuttings will be back in stock in Spring 2024!

Propagation plates & Plant cuttings

The green gemini

Our propagation plates are perfect for propagating plant cuttings as well as germinating seeds and flower bulbs. The plates can be placed on top of a glass jar, so that the seeds or leaves hover above the water to prevent rot. The opening ensures that the plate can be easily removed from the rooted seed or cutting, making it reusable. To extend your plant collection, and make full use of your newly bought Propagation Plates, we also sell a variety of houseplant cuttings!

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Propagation Plates

The propagation plates of The Green Gemini are designed to make the propagation of plant cuttings and the germination of seeds and flower bulbs much easier. The plates are user-friendly; the openings allow you to place and remove your cuttings and/or seeds without damaging the roots. This feature makes it possible to reuse the plates for endless propagation of your favourite plants and seeds. There are three varieties, which can be bought separately or combined!

HousePlant cuttings

The latest addition to our webshop are cuttings from a variety of gorgeous houseplants, such as the Syngonium ‘Variegata’, Ficus elastica Tineke, Philodendron scandens Brasil, Rhapidophora tetrasperma, Epipremnum aureum, Begonia rex ‘Salsa’, and Monstera adansonii. We carefully package these cuttings in the most sustainable way possible, using cardboard boxes, bamboo kitchen paper, and recycled aluminium foil.

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The green Gemini

We are Kim and Manon, twin sisters, and above all, plant lovers. The Green Gemini is a Dutch brand that aims to make plant propagation and seed germination a lot easier! We also sell cuttings of lovely houseplants! On our Instagram we share care and propagation tips for your houseplants.

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