Due to the cold Winter season, we are not able to ship our houseplant cuttings! The cuttings will be back in stock in Spring 2024!

The Ficus elastica Tineke, also known as the rubber tree plant, is a beautiful and easy houseplant. The white variegated leaves make this Ficus species very unique!  When you place this plant in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight, the leaves get whiter! Whereas a spot with less sunlight might lead to greener leaves as they need more chloroplasts (which are green) to make energy for the cells! We ship cuttings including one leaf, which can be with or without roots depending on the stock. When you buy a rooted cutting, roots are at least 5 cm long, and can be directly transferred to soil. However, both rooted and unrooted cuttings can grow (longer) roots in water! After transferring the cuttings into soil, make sure to keep the soil moist as the roots are used to a lot of water. When the cuttings mature, you can slightly decrease the amount of water.

Follow these care tips for a happy Ficus elastica Tineke:
☀️ Bright indirect sunlight
💧 Slightly dry out between waterings
☁️ Prefers high humidity

Check out our Instagram for more care tips and beautiful picture of the mother plant of this cutting!

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