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The Cyperus alternifolius, also known as the Umbrella plant or Papyrus, is a really easy, low-maintenance plant! You don’t have to worry about giving this plant too much water, as it LOVES wet roots as it is a semi-aquatic plant! Place an innerpot inside a large pot, which can be constantly filled with water. The mother plant of these cuttings started as a cutting from our friends’ plant. That plant has been in her family for generations, and we feel honored that we can pass on the lineage! When you purchase a Cyperus alternifolius cutting from us, it doesn’t have any roots as the cutting has a better chance of survival this way. We will trim the Cyperus after your order is placed. When you receive the cutting, place it upside down in a jar filled with water. New roots and stems will appear within a few weeks! When a new stem has a length of ~5 cm, the cutting can be transferred to soil.

Care tips for the Cyperus alternifolius:
☀️ Medium to bright indirect sunlight
💧 The soil needs to be wet at all times. Place the inner pot in a pot filled with water
☁️ Prefers high humidity

Check out our Instagram for more care tips and beautiful picture of the mother plant of these cuttings!
Note: Cuttings of this plant have a high survival rate and one cutting can grow into a large plant. Therefore, we have a limit of one cutting per purchase.


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